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Akim Oda

Should any content or the design of individual pages or parts of this website infringe the rights of third parties or statutory provisions or otherwise give rise to competition law problems in any form, we request, with reference to § 8 para. 4 UWG, an appropriate, sufficiently explanatory and prompt message without cost note.

We guarantee that the rightfully objected passages or parts of these web pages will be removed within a reasonable period of time or comprehensively adapted to the legal requirements without the need for you to involve a lawyer.

The involvement of a lawyer to issue a warning notice at the service provider's expense does not correspond to the service provider's actual or presumed intention and would therefore constitute a violation of Section 13 (5) UWG, due to the pursuit of irrelevant objectives as the dominant motive for initiating proceedings, in particular an intention to generate costs as the actual driving force, as well as a violation of the duty to minimise damages.

In the case of unjustified, frivolous and fraudulent warnings, our lawyer will immediately bring an action for a negative declaratory judgement or an action for fraudulent misrepresentation of facts. Thank you very much!

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