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Iboga Pflanzen mit Gelborangen Früchten die im freien stehen.

Our own sustainable cultivation in Ghana

Everything from a single source from the seed to the finished product

As demand increases, the price of iboga root has increased approximately tenfold in recent years! 

Our interest and demand for this powerful medicinal plant has also increased rapidly, but getting high-quality iboga is not that easy.  What makes importing even more difficult is that there are neither serious proof of origin nor delivery or quality guarantees for purchases from Africa.


That's why we're even more pleased to have a competent partner at our side.  

The farms in Ghana and Cameroon that grow our Iboga are run by a good friend guided. Due to his high quality standards, he has been producing all relevant Iboga products at the highest level for quite some time now. All from a single source! From the natural fruit to the chemically stable product from TA to HCL)


His notable clients include large clinics, smaller provider groups and individual therapists around the world. 




Bred in 2017 1258/329 survived and planted 
Grown in 2018, 1852/586 survived and was planted out
In 2019, 2500 plants were planned, which are currently in the nursery as seedlings. 


The first 15 months were accompanied by many losses. Unfortunately, many of the small seedlings do not survive this critical phase. After all, it takes a full 7 years until you can harvest the roots of the bush. 

If you want to have a healing IBOGA experience, you shouldn't focus solely on price when purchasing.
Much more important is the proven quality through current laboratory reports and proof of origin! 

Overexploitation has already damaged the natural resources enough and we Europeans should not take part in this matter or even promote it!

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